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United Church of Dorset and East Rupert – Dorset Vermont Weekly Bulletin (click on the bulletin picture below)

Bulletin 7_16_2016


USHERS NEEDED  Please sign-up to usher, we need you!  The sign-up chart is located on the boiler room door in the vestry.

COFFEEE HOUR HOSTS NEEDED  There are still empty spaces on the calendar to sing-up to host a Coffee Hour.   Members of the Hospitality Committee are happy to guide and  assist.  Please see Nan Leach, Caroline Sargent or Betty Hazleton with any questions.

SERRV SERRV products will not be on display during June, July & August because the coffee hours on the lawn are so much fun!  However, we will happily open up for  anyone who wants to check out anything, even if it is not visible

Summer Supper

Faith and nature