Alan Lindsey, Treasurer

The Treasurer at the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert is an officer of the church.  As such, I am responsible to the Board of Trustees as a non-voting member for advising and tracking all financial decisions made by the board.  As a guideline, I prepare an annual budget and manage that budget for the board.  The church also employs a bookkeeper to keep financial records in for the treasurer.  All financial liabilities for the church go through the treasurer on behalf of the board.  The treasurer is also chairman of the Investment Committee.  This committee is a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the church’s investment manager for our endowment.

As treasurer, I am always happy to answer questions about the church’s financial status and explain the financial implications of board decisions.  I can be reached through the church office, at home, or via email.

Alan Lindsey, Treasurer UCDER,,

Home:  802-325-3918 or Church:  802-867-2620