Message From The Pastor

– Rev. Dr. James H. Gray

Long ago St. Francis of Assisi declared, “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary, use words.”

The best publicity for the Gospel isn’t an advertisement, but rather, a person’s life filled with the love of God and the grace of Jesus reflected in thought, word and deed

Likewise the best advertisement fora congregation isn’t a website, a radio spot or television show. It’s the people who comprise the Body of Christ living their faith in such an outreaching, inclusive and compassionate way … displayed in the arena of the everydayRev. Gray - WORDS OF WELCOME … that the wider community is compelled to ask, “Who has made you this way? What is the source of your grace? How can I share in it?” Far earlier than St Francis, the Roman Empire looked at the neophyte Christian congregations and admired, “Look how they love each other!”  That was then and this is now and the e-world is upon us, offering opportunities and challenges to the church as never before. We hope the words and pictures you find on this website inform you – perhaps even entice you. But the rich and loving spirit of this congregation needs to be experienced to be appreciated. So come and visit “the word made flesh” at the Dorset Church