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Our Mission

Our mission is based on the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:14:  “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


The Dorset Church Sunday  School provides a welcoming and safe space designated for our children within a loving community of believers. We are dedicated to introducing children to the tenets of our faith through Old and New Testament Bible teachings and sharing the sacred story of Jesus’ life.  We emphasize the presence of God among us and teach that the cornerstone of our faith as Christians is found in the miraculous birth of Jesus. We believe His teachings, death and resurrection have transformational meaning in our lives. 

Our mission is practiced through Sunday School activities which include: reading and discussing Bible stories, youth choir practice, play acting, project making, and various activities led by multi-generational visitors from our congregation.



Sunday School Director & Christian EducationCommittee Co-Chairperson

Paula Mann Nassivera has been a member of the Dorset Church for over thirty years, since she was married here in 1988. Several years later, she and her family moved full-time to Dorset from NYC and Paula continued her professional career as an actress with the Dorset Theatre Festival and the Oldcastle Theatre in Bennington. During that time, she also was Co-Director of the Dorset Church Sunday School from 1998-2006. From 2006-2019 she worked as an Associate Professor and Director of the Theater Program at Green Mountain College. She happily returned to teach Sunday  School in fall 2017.


Christian Education
Committee Co-Chairperson

Wife, mom, retired youth director, Certified Pedorthist, gardener, love rock maker, labyrinth lover, zinnia fanatic, disciple of Jesus.



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Assistant Teachers

We’re excited to welcome our new assistants this year: Aden Berry and Pada Bednar. Aden is a homeschooled seventh grader and Pada is in sixth grade at The Maple Street School. Pada enjoys playing lacrosse and TaeKwonDo (Korean martial arts); Aden enjoys reading and handwork and both girls like horseback riding and working with animals and children


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