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United Church of Dorset and East Rupert
The Story of Our Stained Glass Windows
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The Stained Glass Windows

We are very proud of the unusual stained glass windows in the sanctuary representing, as they do, the spirit and beauty of our valley.

The Rose Window

The rose window over the chancel is in memory of Lydia Greenleaf Sykes.

It was installed when the present church was built in 1909

The East Windows

On the east wall (on the left as you enter the church) are three windows, largely inspired by the eastern landscape of the valley. They are best seen in strong morning light. The front window, given in 1944, is memorial to Howard R. Pfaelzer, and is based on the view from his garden in Dorset Hollow.  The center window, given in 1914, is a memorial to Harriette Sykes Humphrey. It is based on a view from her garden looking east toward Green Peak. The third window, given in 1975, is in memory of Cornelia B. Lee, and reflects her love of flowers and birds, particularly cardinals.  

Lee Window
Humphrey Window
Pfaelzer Window
The West Windows

On the west wall, the scenes are generally based on western views, best seen in strong afternoon light. The front window was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Codman, in 1949, and presents of view to the west toward Mother Myrick from the former Codman garden on Church Street. The center window is a memorial to Herbert N. Williams, given in 1941, and it is a view taken from a point just south of the village, including Henrietta, Jackson’s Elm. The third window is a 1979 gift from Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, Lefevre and Dr. Virginia McDonald, dedicated to the love for all children and animals.

Codman Window
Williams Window
Lefevre-McDonald Window
Entrance Door Window

Over the entrance door is a  memorial window installed in 1909, to Dr. and Mrs. Parsons S. Pratt. 

Dr. Pratt was pastor of Dorset Church from 1856–1896.

The Franks Window

The Franks Window, a gift from the Franks Family, is in fond remembrance of their years in Dorset. Installed in the West Wall in 1983, it is one of three windows in the church to come from the Chapman Stained Glass Studios of Albany, New York. The Lefevre-McDonald Window was a product of this concern, as was the last window to be dedicated “The Bicentennial Window .“

The Bicentennial Window

The Bicentennial Window was presented to the congregation on September 23, 1984. It’s commission and acquisition where the result of a fundraising effort centered around the celebration of the church's 200th anniversary, and its dedication was an integral part of this celebration. To quote from the church program of the memorable Sunday: “With the dedication of the Bicentennial Window today we complete the stained glass windows of our church sanctuary...the Bicentennial Window is, the offering of us all to our church. “

Window Designers

The Rose Window was designed and executed by the Tiffany Studios. The front four windows in the sanctuary, two on each side, were designed by Wallace W. Fahnestock, Dorset painter, and longtime member of the congregation and a protégé of the famous stained glass producer, John LaFarge, who originally worked with the Tiffany studios. The third east window (on the left) was designed by Frederick L. Leuchs, who, interestingly enough, entered the stained glass business because of the encouragement of John LaFarge's son. The third west window (on the right) was designed by the Chapman Stained Glass Studios.

Photos by John LoBrutto
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